How can I help you?
If one to one training is more suited to your needs you will see a selection of training plans below written to combat my most common training requests. Each plan is based on an About Your Dog client success story and can be selected with similar objectives. Please note, all plans will be flexible so as to tailor them more individually to your dog.
The below plans are all 80.00 per 4 sessions.
1. "The Peach" - The puppy learning from home
“Peach came to me as a tiny puppy ready to learn her basic skills for life as a grown-up dog. During our time together we covered all of the basics such as house manners, outdoor manners and how to focus indoors and outdoors.”
2. "The Casper" - The overseas rescue adjusting to life in a home
“Casper is from Romania and he started working with me to learn his basic skills as well as to adjust to life in a human home. He was able to be socialised to stimulus despite being well past his puppy stage and has become a loveable and thriving member of the family.”
3. "The Arlo" - The adolescent/adult revisiting his training
“Arlo went to puppy training when he was a baby and has been a generally well-behaved boy. As he’s gotten older, he has chosen his likes and dislikes (as most dogs will) and picked up some naughty habits, and so he came to me to iron out the little creases.”
4. "The Indie" - The anxious/reactive dog who needs some support
“Indie is a beautiful and loving family dog. The only issue she has arises when she sees other dogs out on walks. To combat Indie’s sensitive nature and subsequent reactivity we have been re-learning her approach to dogs as well as instilling greater confidence in her owner.”
5. The Milo - The over-enthusiastic dog learning to contain his energy
“Milo is an extremely active working breed with a great mind and a lot of energy. Milo’s focus has been harnessing his impulses in order to increase his responsiveness to his owners and his ability to concentrate calmly in exciting situations.”
What if I want more?
"Working walks" are an opportunity for me to have 1 on 1 time with your dog, no parents allowed! The session will last between 45-60 minutes, depending on your dog's stress levels and the issue presented. Working walks can be booked on an 'ad hoc' basis.
Working walks are 25.00.
And if I still can't see what I want?
Bespoke training plans can be written upon request. Such training plans are 100.00 per 4 sessions.
Please note, the following issues are not yet covered and will be referred to a qualified ABTC behaviourist:
  • Separation anxiety
  • Human directed aggression
  • Severe reactivity with high bite possibility
  • Compulsive abnormal disorders (ie. window licking/self harming behaviour etc.)