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Understandably, many owners have questions before they wish to commit to a service. So, I've put together some FAQs to tell you more about how I work. Above all else, it's very important to choose a dog trainer who works in line with your ethics and who makes you feel supported.

Why do qualifications matter?

Sadly the dog training and behaviour industry is not regulated. Despite this field being incredibly scientific and complex there are no consequences for incorrect information being given to owners, and sadly this happens incredibly regularly. Individuals accredited by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) have been assessed by an impartial organisation and are held to standard by a code of conduct, so you are in the safest hands when you see them listed. You can find out more here.


If you take one thing away from this answer, it is that followers on Tik Tok or a program on Channel 5 do not make a competent dog trainer. And whilst shiny facilities may give the impression of superior ability, it is really the scientific understanding and continued professional development that separates professionals from one another.

What is a Veterinary Referral? 
(And why do I need one?)

A Veterinary Referral is a mandatory part of behaviour modification programs when the consulting behaviourist is qualified (see above). Due to known links between pain and behaviour problems, it's incredibly important to know about any ongoing or previous health issues. Not only that, it allows us to have a smooth line of communication with your vet. Individuals practicing behaviour modification without a veterinary referral risk being extremely negligent.

Will you be covered by my insurance?

As I am a full member of the APBC your treatment will most likely be covered on your insurance. However, you should always check your policy.

How will you solve my problem?

Firstly, there are never any guarantees with training or behaviour modification. There are lots of moving parts including (but not limited to) environmental change, owner compliance and dog health that mean this job can be very predictable. I will however always give you a realistic prognosis (expected outcome) and keep you updated on my expectations.


When it comes to tackling the problem itself we may do some or all of the following:

  • Liaise regularly with your vet to ensure optimum health and understand the impact of pain on behaviour

  • Manage your environment to set up for success

  • Reduce and redirect habitual behaviour

  • Increase mental stimulation and enhance your dog’s natural abilities

  • Desensitisation to triggers

  • Incorporate confidence building

  • Improve relationships within the home

What is your availability?

Since many behaviour modification plans span a series of months, with owners practicing homework in their own time, I am often quite flexible in my availability. However, this can (and does) change without notice, and so clients are encouraged to book at their earliest convenience to avoid waiting prolonged periods.

How do I book?

Please click here to go to my designated booking page. Once I approve your booking I will send you the necessary paperwork to get started.

Please note: You can only book your provisional appointment online, any follow up will be decided between us.

What methods do you use?

I will always strive for positive reinforcement and force-free methods. Realistically, there are some rare occasions when dogs have to be put into situations they do not enjoy (for example going to the vet), but I will never intentionally cause your dog harm or prolonged stress. I will never apply aversive equipment or use fear to change behaviour. Everything we do will be based on optimisation of the environment, building confidence and communication and harnessing your dog’s natural instincts and abilities.

Will you work with a dog that has bitten?

Yes, I will work with dogs who have bitten. Clients are expected to understand that any prognosis and treatment may be guarded. Clients are also expected to provide a full bite history and comply with muzzle training before our consultation, otherwise this will need to be conducted online.

Will you work with a banned breed?

Unfortunately my insurance does not cover me to work with banned breeds, but I have resources and reliable alternatives that I can direct people towards so please feel free to contact me.

When do you work?

I have varying ability each week, but I am happy to work evenings and weekends to ensure that you are seen.

Where do you work?

Consultations take place in your home or via Zoom (if I am treating remotely). During this time we may choose to go out for a walk or to visit somewhere else, but I will ensure that locations are always accessible to you.

Follow up sessions or training sessions may take place in local parks if we mutually agree that this would be beneficial.

Can I see your privacy policy?

You can download my privacy policy here.

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