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One-to-one training

How many family members can get involved?

- As long as you are able to follow current Covid-19 regulations with regards to social distancing and room ventilation I am happy to accommodate most groups. This includes well behaved children.

When can I start training with my new puppy?

- Please always follow veterinary guidance, but as far as I am concerned you are welcome to start training a week after your puppy has had their second vaccination. 

What kind of things will we cover?

- Your training plans are drafted uniquely to your needs, they are also flexible throughout training. Clients have many different ideas about what is important to them and I will do my best to cover your preferences.

Why do I need a consultation?

- Because your 1-2-1 training plan is uniquely tailored to you, it is important that we meet before to discuss your needs and expectations. It also allows me to meet your dog and get a grasp on their personality before drafting training to suit them. Furthermore, through consultation I am able to assess their environment, routine and family set up, all of which will make your training plan thorough and well-rounded.

What equipment will I need to start training?

- My ideal minimum requirements for training include a flat collar, flat lead, well-fitting harness and long-line lead. Don't forget the treat bag and yummy high value treats too!

Group training classes

How many spaces are in your classes?

- Each class has space for 5 dogs. This will be continually evaluated with regards to Covid-19.

How many family members can attend?

- Each dog can come with two family members. 

What should I bring to class?

- When signing up to class you will be sent a welcome pack with information about what to bring.

What will we cover in the 4 weeks?

- When signing up to class you will be sent a 4 week plan to review the content that you will be covering. At the minimum, you can expect to cover all basic obedience such as loose lead walking, recall and house manners.

I can't make 1 class, what happens?

- Unfortunately I am unable to refund or reprice classes that are not attended.

Can I reserve a space with a deposit?

- Yes! You can reserve a space in class with just a 20.00 deposit. The rest can be paid up to 24 hours before your first class.


What makes you different to other trainers?

- Unfortunately, dog training is not a regulated profession and so it is very easy to find trainers who have not gone through proper training or assessment. I am fortunate enough to have studied for 4 years before even starting my practical work, so all of my knowledge is current, force-free and based on science! I am also proud to be an experienced teacher, so I promise to make your experience fun, relaxed and easy to follow.

How do I book a service through you?

- Please email or call the number below.

Where can I find more information about your services?

- You can visit my services page here, or you can email me to ask for thorough documentation.

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