Why "Perfect Fit"?

About Your Dog is a proud retailer of "Perfect Fit" harnesses. Widely renowned by trainers and behaviourists as the best harness on the market, Perfect Fit is made of three separate compartments​ that can be extended and fitted to every part of your dog's body.

Features of the Perfect Fit harness include:

  • Two stainless steel D rings for use with a double ended lead

  • 3 pieces in various sizes to fit your dog

  • Fleece padding

  • Fully washable

  • Available in a variety of colours

Included in the price of your harness you will receive a consultation and fitting, therefore harnesses will not be sold online.


Tiny (Toy breeds/pups) - 30.00

15mm (Spaniels/dachsunds/terriers) - 35.00

20mm (Collies/lean working dogs) - 40.00

40mm (Large dogs) - 45.00

Replacement front or girth - 10.00 - 15.00