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Help! My puppy won't settle!

Did you know that puppies will often sleep for 16-18 hours per 24 hour cycle?

I'm puppy sitting today, and we've been fighting a battle of wits for the past hour trying to get him to settle down and go to sleep. If your puppy isn't sleeping enough you will get all sorts of annoying behaviours including biting and humping (to name a few)! So, if you're asking yourself how to stop that puppy from fighting their urge to sleep, here are some tips:

- Make sure they have had a walk and a chance to wee and poo

- Make sure they have had something to eat - we've all been hangry at some point!

- Give them something to chew - chewing is relaxing for dogs and a really great way to encourage them to settle down

- Make sure they have got a quiet and comfortable area to sleep in

- Make sure they are warm and cozy - some puppies will love to snuggle up with a warm hot water bottle!

- Consider what might be around to distract them

- Set a routine and positively reinforce good naps!

If these simple steps don't help then consider seeing an accredited trainer to give you a hand!

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