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Jade in her graduation robe


I'm Jade, and I'm here to help! I am a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist living in Winchester, Hampshire, and you're here because you want to learn a little more about me!

Favourite dog breeds: Bloodhound (see below), Patterdale Terrier, Any sort of Sighthound

Areas of special interest: Trauma related care (for example, overseas rescues or puppy farm survivors), The contribution of pain to behaviour, Grooming & Handling

Dog training motto: "Nothing changes if nothing changes" (Courtney Stevens)

When I'm not with dogs I am watching Brooklyn 99, reading crime novels or attempting to crochet.

The story so far

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Started BA Animal Welfare & Society at the University of Winchester


Started MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln

Took my first behaviour modification clients


Graduated the University of Winchester with BA (Hons)

Started with Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT)


Graduated the University of Lincoln with MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour

Started working for Dogs Trust on the Behaviour Support Line


Completed PACT course

Became an ABTC accredited Animal Training Instructor (ATI)

Took my first training clients


One year with Dogs Trust

Became pre-certificated with CCAB UK

Joined the APBC as a Provisional Candidate CAB

To find out why qualifications are so important visit my FAQs page.



Resident hound at About Your Dog, Cheddar is a Farlap Bloodhound. When he's older he will learn to "hunt the clean boot", but for now he's learning to be a puppy. You can follow his journey on Instagram.

Jade training her bloodhound puppy
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